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Member Groups

( Last update: August 2022 )


Ancient Hoplitikon of Melbourne Ancient Roman Re-Enactors Victoria Australia Nova Romana Legio VI Victrix
Legio IX Hispana Sydney Legio XVIII Gallica Inc. 'The Varus Survivors' Sydney Ancients

Early Medieval

Aesir Living History Ancient Arts Fellowship Austr Hofn Dark Age Guild Dyflin Viking Reenactment Group
Europa Fire and Steel Galicia Grey Company
Hammers of Thegn Háseti Havardr Dark Ages Society of Melbourne Inc The Huscarls
Jomsborgelag Sudhird
(Jomsvikings Australia)
Medieval History & Martial Art Center - SA NEMAS
(New England Medieval Arts Society)
New Varangian Guard
Orkneyjar Incorporated Scholai The Sea Wolves Wandering Folk
Wessex Viking Age


Australian Medieval Guild Inc Black Griffins Traditional Archers Company of the Tavern Company of the Staple
Conroi Cottereaux, Company of the Dagger Free Companies In Good Company of Archers
Kings Horses Medieval Equestrian Society Knights of the Empire Germanica Knights of the Long Dog Leongatha Medieval Society Inc
Master Craftsmen and Artisans Medieval Archery Society Medieval Irish Celtic Knights Mercenaries of Western Europe
Order of St Knud Osprey Guard Praxis Revolting Peasants
Society of Independent Reenactors Sutherland Medieval Regiment Visby of Gotland

Late Medieval

Companions of the Silver Horse Company of the Errant Knight


I Condottieri


Pike & Musket Society


Ier d'Artillerie de la Marine Inc 21eme Regiment de Ligne Australia 42nd Royal Highland Regiment 1815 Australia Inc 95th Rifles (Australia)
C Troop, Kings Light Dragoons (Hussars) Inc D Troop 15th Light Dragoons (Hussars) - Australia Inc Nelsons Navy

18th Century

Southern Cross Free Trappers

American Civil War

2nd Virginia Living History Group 62nd New York Anderson Zouaves Blue and the Grey Re-enactors Incorporated Shenandoah's Crew - Australia

Victorian Era

1st NSW Volunteer Infantry LHG Adelaide Regiment 1862 Incorporated Colonial Re-enactment Society Inc Historical Re-enactment Society of Australia
The Late Victorian Society of Melbourne Victorian Re-enactment Society Inc Werribee Half Battery

20th Century

2nd Light Horse Lockyer Troop 18th Battalion AIF Living History Group 26th Replacement Group (26th Ersatz Gruppe) Living History Group 'A' Company, 15th Battalion AIF
Adelaide Re-enacting and Military Society Arms & Militaria Federation Ausreenact Australian Great War Association
Light Horse and Field Artillery Museum Re-enact SA The Western Australian 10th Light Horse Organisation Wartime Living History Association Incorporated

Schools of Swordsmanship

Brisbane School of Iberian Swordsmanship Fechtschule Sankt Peter Kunst Des Fechten Queensland Knights of the Free Company

Multiple Era

Frontiers Living History Group Inc. Juvenis of Accendo Sarcalogos Military Equitation Australia National Military Reenactment Group
Nova Historia Reenacting Independently For Fun Society of Independent Reenactors Society of Merchants, Artisans, and Combatants

Australian/State Representative Organisation

New Varangian Guard The Australian Light Horse Association

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